FNU Holds the Forum on High-quality TV Works of the 11th China Student Television Festival


On March 25th, the Forum on High-quality TV Works of the 11th China Student Television Festival, with the theme of “Brightening the Spirit of the Youth with the Light of the Literature and Art”, the Sailing college student creation support and the screenings of college student original works, co-sponsored by China Federation of Literary and Art Circles, China Television Artists Association and Communication University of China (CUC), and co-organized by China Education Television and Fuzhou Municipal People’s Government, were held at the academic lecture hall on Qishan Campus of FNU.

Fan Zongchai, secretary of the Leading Party Members’ Branch Group, full-time vice chairman and secretary-general of China Television Artists Association, Liao XiangZhong, secretary of Party Committee of CUC, Wu Xiande, deputy secretary of the CPC Fuzhou Municipal Committee and mayor of Fuzhou, Chen Hong, member of the Party Committee and vice president of China Education Television, and Wang Changping, president of FNU, attended and addressed the forum. Li Xuan, deputy director-general of Fujian Provincial Department of Education, Wu Yi, deputy mayor of Fuzhou, Yang Yi, vice president of CUC, and Chen Xiaohong, deputy secretary of the FNU Party Committee, attended the event.

Wang Changping said in his speech that China Student Television Festival has extraordinary professional appeal and social influence, and has become an annual cultural event and an important platform for college students, the film and television industry and academia to show their dreams, and that holding the event will further broaden the vision of college students, stimulate their driving forces for innovation, lead them to better shoulder the responsibility and mission entrusted by the new era, and declare their strongest commitment to striving for youth and strengthening the country.

At the forum, a number of well-known show-runners and researchers from the domestic television industry discussed with student representatives how to use television art to showcase the spirit of youth, record China, and impart Chinese stories in the form of keynote speeches and “round table forums”. On the day of the event, the Sailing college student creation support and the screenings of college student original works, with the theme of “Striving for Youth and Strengthening the Country”, were also held.


(Translated by Huang Min/ Reviewed by Xie Xiujuan)